Obstacle Course Race (OCR)

About OCR

OCR is a sport composed of disciplines and events where athletes run and/or overcome obstacles in timed races. Para-OCR categories of World OCR provide athletes with disabilities – physical, cognitive, visual and neuro-muscular – the chance to compete. Athletes may include individuals in wheel chairs, with missing limbs, brain injury effecting movement, and loss of vision. World OCR Categories comes in the following classes:


Wheelchair-User Athletes: Para OCR athletes in this class use a handbike or racing wheelchair for run sections. This class includes athletes with, but not limited to impairments of muscle power, range of movement, limb deficiency such as unilateral or double leg amputation, spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia, or tetraplegia.


Ambulant Athletes: Para OCR Athletes in this sport class run with or without the use of an approved prosthesis and/or supportive devices. They fall into one of three sport classes which include but are not limited to: impairment of muscle power, range of movement, limb deficiency, hypertonia, ataxia and athetosis.


Athletes with Visual Impairment: Para OCR Athletes in this sport class run and complete obstacles with a guide.

Meet The Athlete

Harun Rahamad