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The SNPC Constitution was amended in September 2022.
You may download the Amended Constitution below:
SNPC Amended Constitution – 2022

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Whenever a Board Member is in any way, directly or indirectly, interested in a transaction or project or other matter to be discussed at a meeting, the member shall disclose the nature of his interest before the discussion on the matter begins. The member concerned shall then offer to withdraw and leave the meeting and not participate in the discussion or vote on the matter. The Board shall decide if this should be accepted. Any individual who is directly or indirectly interested in a business transaction or proposed financial transaction with the Company, its Members or athletes, shall be disqualified from serving as a Board Member.


The SNPC reviewed its Constitution to comply with the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as the latter has mandated that every National Paralympic Committee (NPC) member shall be obliged to include as members all National Sports Federations affiliated to the International Federation (IF) governing or their representatives in the NPC General Assembly. Members that fulfil the governing sports criteria on the Paralympic Programme shall be full members with voting and nomination rights, while others such as National Federations or organizations that are not on the Paralympic Programme could be additional members without voting rights. 


The SNPC aims to build its operating reserves up to an amount equivalent to the highest annual expenditures of the last 3 financial years. Operating reserves exclude all restricted funds for building/project funds, endowment and sinking funds.


The SNPC is committed to ensuring that all participants in its community play, practice, compete, officiate, work, volunteer and interact in a positive environment, free from physical, mental, professional or sexual harassment and abuse.

You may download the SNPC Safe Sport Policy document from here.

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