Mu Yu Guang
Table Tennis

Q: Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mu Yu Guang and I play Para table tennis.

Q: Can you share some of your achievements in this sport?

I won a Team Bronze medal in last ASEAN Para Games (APG) and recently, I also won a Team Bronze medal in Para China Open held in Guangzhou last month.

Q: How often do you train?

Usually six to seven times per week, after work from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

Q: Where do you usually train?

Mostly in NTU. We have playing partners, who are able-bodied, and due to preparations for 2020 APG, I also train at SSI often with the other national athletes.

Q: How do you feel when you put on the Team Singapore attire?

I feel proud to compete for Singapore. I feel very good.


Q: How do you juggle lecturing in NTU with your table tennis career?

Lecturing, doing research and playing table tennis does take a lot of my time but the sport keeps me on my feet and also helps me to focus when I lecture and do research work. I think having that routine improves my overall efficiency. I hope I can perform well in both areas.

Q: Do you students know that you play table tennis for Singapore?

Yes, all of them know.

Q: Do they cheer you on?

Yes, and sometimes in class, they show a picture of me playing table tennis.

Q: How do you feel before a competition?

Because I’ve attend quite a number of international competitions, I think I’ve gotten used to them so I don’t get that nervous. But I’ve learnt how to prepare well. For example, usually about an hour before a match, we warm up with a coach or teammate. That time is important as it allows us to keep calm and think about how to play the game well.

Q: What are some toughest moments you’ve experienced as an athlete?

In the previous APG in Kuala Lumpur, I didn’t win a medal because my loss in Class 6-4. I also lacked a teammate in the Team competition so I was very sad. But the loss urged me to train hard and I hope in this upcoming APG, I make a breakthrough.

Q: Do you have any message for others who have disabilities but are interested in sports?

Having a disability is, in itself, unfortunate but I think we can overcome it by being actively involved in sports. I suggest choosing a sport that’s suitable for you and simply spend time playing it and enjoying the game and the company of your teammates. Sports not only helps us keep fit but we also make friends and become more social. I encourage able-bodied people to play with us as well. I often play do and they have welcomed me, so that’s why I feel having disabilities shouldn’t limit us. We should go out and overcome our challenges and more importantly, overcome ourselves.


"The sport keeps me on my feet and also helps me to focus when I lecture and do research work. I think having that routine improves my overall efficiency."