Corporate Partnership

Sponsors & Corporate Partners

Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) runs various engagement and initiative that aims to strengthen the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic aspirations in Singapore. This is made possible with support from our Sponsors and Corporate Partners. The continued partnership and support is critical to our work and success. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Sponsors and Corporate Partners for believing in our mission and for generously supporting us thus far.

We are always looking forward to partner organisations which share similar values of promoting the Paralympic Movement and spreading a positive message about diversity and inclusion. Here are some of the ways you can help us:

Staff Engagement

Athletes are more than sporting icons and they can inspire others beyond the sporting arena, touching the hearts and minds of individuals throughout society. Our athletes are more than happy to be part of your company’s Town Hall, Team Building events or CSR-initiated programmes that allow them to share their athlete journey.

Athlete Adoption

Every athlete has a story. Every athlete has had to overcome some kind of adversity to prove that nothing can stand in the way of true perseverance. Support an athlete’s journey as he/she progresses through the major games.

Programme Funding

Join us and support a specific festival or programme aimed at promoting and strengthening the Paralympic Movement in Singapore. Programmes vary from Paralympic Day/Walk, educational talks to roadshow tryouts. Apart from brand association, sponsorship entitlements are tailored to meet your company’s objectives.

Get in touch with us at or contact +65 6346 1158 and we will be happy to discuss further. We are also open to other engagements that might work for your organisation.