CITI Global
Community Day

On 15 June 2019, Citi Singapore organised its global community day at Marina Barrage. Themed “A World Beyond Limits”, the Citi Global Community Day aims to support the cause for Paralympics and educate the public on people with disability. SNPC took part in this event and some of the activities include the CP football exhibition match,  wheelchair basketball shootout as well as a ‘meet and greet the athletes’ session. 

The CP football exhibition match was an exhibition match in which the winning team from the interdepartmental challenge won the privilege to play a game of modified football with the National Cerebral Palsy (CP) Footballers. 

Another activity included the wheelchair basketball shootout where participants were granted 5 attempts to shoot into a basketball hoop. Participants who scored 4/5 attempts and above won a Hero Badge. 

During the ‘meet and greet the athletes’ session, participants also had the opportunity to interact with the athletes and understand them better. 

Two weeks prior to the event, Citi employees came together to fold heart shapes for the Paralympians and, partnering SG Cares movement, they wrote words of appreciation to the Paralympians for being inspirational in the advocacy of the Paralympic Movement. For each heart shape folded, Citi donated a dollar to SNPC.

From this event, Citi Singapore helped to raise a total of $10,000 for Singapore National Paralympic Council.