About Badminton

Athletes are divided into six classes (two wheelchair classes and four standing classes) with the rules of Badminton followed except for minor modifications. All events use best of three games, each of 21 points. The height of the net is the same for all classes.

Singles events in the two wheelchair classes use half the court, with shuttles falling between the net and a service line placed close to the net considered out of bounds.

Matches in these classes can be tactical and strategic, with the players skilfully controlling their chairs as they engage in sustained rallies.

In the four standing classes, look out for the lightning-fast smash hits that are a feature of the sport. All are played on a full court with the exception of one class for standing athletes with lower limb impairments where half the court is used. The Tokyo 2020 programme will include a class for athletes with short stature.

Meet The Athlete

Tay Wei Ming