x Objectives, Mission & Vision


“To foster Paralympic solidarity through realizing the fullest potential of athletes with disabilities at international platforms and boosting teamwork with local sports organisations”


“To build Singapore into a world-renowned disability sports hub of excellence and inspiration”

  • To represent athletes with disability in Singapore to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
  • To contribute to the growth and strength of the Paralympic movement in Singapore through its activities and support for affiliates
  • To groom more and better athletes with disability, in both spirit and professionalism, for the representation of Singapore
  • To select, train, administer and lead all Singaporean athletes, teams or organizations in the representation of Singapore or as part of a joint team with any territory or territories at the Paralympic Games and other IPC-sanctioned events
  • To develop and provide, by working closely with Affiliates, National Sports Associations and other sport organizations in Singapore, sports programs, expertise and other opportunities such as competitions, from beginner to elite levels as the foundation of elite Paralympic sport.
  • To represent Singapore in negotiations with similar Councils or bodies in other territories relating to disability sports and the organization of inter-territorial meetings or competitions
  • To coordinate and support IPC activities and Paralympic Sports in Singapore
  • To attain a high level of national and international recognition for the Paralympic Movement, athletes with disability and disability sports through education, media and other avenues
  • To create or promote educational, cultural, research and scientific institutions or initiatives that upholds the Paralympic Movement and furthers its excellence
  • To empower and support Affiliates or other bodies that can contribute to its governance of disability sports
  • To ensure fair play and ethical pursuit of performance in disability sports
  • To organize courses or offer other forms of support to groom administrators or other officials who can contribute to the Paralympic Movement
  • To engage in dialogues and co-operate with governmental, non-governmental or sports bodies to fulfil its objects
  • To fight against the use of prohibited substances and procedures and ensure the observance of the World Anti-Doping Code
  • To formulate proposals and lead pitches to the IPC concerning the Paralympic Movement, including the organizing and hosting of Paralympic Games or other IPC-sanctioned events
  • To submit reasonable motions, vote and be heard at meetings of the Members of IPC, nominate candidates for IPC bodies and participate in all IPC activities
  • To raise and administer funds for the furtherance of the above objects