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Established in 2008, the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) was incorporated to be the Singapore’s member representative to the International Paralympic Committee and other regional Para sports associations. We focus on enabling our elite para athletes to participate in major games such as the ASEAN Para Games, the Asian Para Games with its junior equivalent, the Asian Youth Para Games, the Commonwealth Games, and at the apex, Paralympic Games.

We also believe that our athletes are more than sporting icons and can inspire beyond the sporting arenas, touching the hearts and minds of individuals throughout society. As part of the mission to strengthen the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic aspirations in Singapore, we work closely with international and local affiliates, national sports organisations and partners to provide sports programmes, expertise and opportunities for competitive development from beginner to elite levels.

To foster Paralympic solidarity through providing opportunities to para athletes to realize their fullest potential at international platforms and boosting collaborative efforts with local sports organisations

To build Singapore into a world-renowned disability sports hub of excellence and inspiration

  • To contribute to the growth and strength of the Paralympic movement in Singapore
  • To groom more and better para athletes, in both spirit and professionalism, for the representation of Singapore 
  • To develop and provide, by working closely with sport organizations in Singapore, sports programs, expertise and other opportunities such as competitions, as the basis of Paralympic sports
  • To work closely with corporate partners in Singapore to develop and provide opportunities in sports programs and events engagement
  • To create or promote educational initiatives that upholds the Paralympic Movement and furthers its excellence

SNPC takes guidance on classifications issues of its athletes from the IPC.

Below is an excerpt from the official IPC website on classification: 

Classification is a structure for competition. Paralympic athletes have an impairment in body structures and functions that leads to a competitive disadvantage in sport. Consequently, criteria are put in place to ensure that winning is determined by skill, fitness, power, endurance, tactical ability and mental focus, the same factors that account for success in sport for athletes who are able-bodied.

The purposes for the criteria include:

  • Defining which impairment groups can compete in the various sports
  • Grouping athletes in classes defined by the degree of activity limitation related to the impairment and/or specific to the tasks in the sport

Council Members


Mr Kevin Wong


A/P Teo-Koh Sock Miang


Dr Chinnu Palanivelu


A/P Paul Chang


Ms Shirley Low


Dr Hon Tow Siew Mark

Paralympic Movement

The Paralympic Movement is athlete-focused. Through athletes’ stories and achievements, attitudes towards people with an impairment can be changed. They engage and motivate people to create a more inclusive society. The Paralympic Movement builds a bridge which links sport with social awareness to help forge a path for this change and spread the message of respect and equal opportunity for all individuals.

Extract from 2013 Brand Book of the IPC.

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Athletes’ Achievement Awards (AAA)

The Athletes’ Achievement Awards (AAA) is given out by the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) to outstanding athletes who have excelled in major games. It is given out in recognition of the huge commitment, discipline and passion to training and competing at the highest level – the desire to go that extra distance beyond self.

The Tote Board is the primary sponsor of the AAA which provides for a cash payout to athletes who contribute to Singapore’s gold, silver or bronze medal tally in the following games- the Paralympic Games, Asian Para Games and the Commonwealth Games, and who contribute a gold medal in the ASEAN Para Games. The cash quantum is taxable and of which 20% is retained by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)/NDSAs to help fund future training and development. Athletes are entitled to the awards up to a maximum of three highest individual achievements.

Join us on the journey towards 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

Singapore National Paralympic Council is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) that relies on sponsors and donors to support its mission.

We also qualify for matching grants from the Bicentennial Community Fund (BCF) up till 31 March 2020, which is a one-off initiative that provides dollar-for-dollar matching for donations to IPCs, up to a cap of $400,000. Hence, this doubles the value of your donation this year.